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Some plan to sleep onthe plaza overnight. Photo: Emilie Raguso

A group representing more than 40 Berkeley religious congregations will gathertonight to show itssupport forthe city homeless population in the wake of proposed new laws thatthey say would criminalize thehomeless, as well as an incident, caught on video, in which a downtown assaulteda homeless man last month.

Some participants plan tosleep overnight on BART Plaza alongsidehomeless people. The "Interfaith Actions in Solidarity with Homeless People" protestincludes the blessing Comprar Levitra of a meal and an interfaith service. at BART Plaza at the intersection of Shattuck Avenue and Center Street.

are deeply concerned at the way the city is handling the homeless, said Sally Hindman, Executive Director of Youth Spirit Artworks, a Quaker, and one of the organizers of the protest. is not in the spirit of [Berkeley We are one of the richest countries in the world and it appalling that we have dozens of people sleeping in doorways. Photo:Ted Friedman

At its March 17 meeting, the Berkeley City Council voted todirect staffto flesh out laws designed to cleanup downtown by addressing problematic behavior linked to the city's homeless population. The proposal includes everything from preventing panhandling within 10 feet of parking pay stations to asking for recommendations to curb public urination and defecation.

Hindman, who has worked with the homeless for 25 years, said suggested laws thatwould ticket homeless people won address thefundamental problem, which is a need for permanent housing. She said there are two year waiting lists for housing in Alameda County. very last thing we would want to do now is criminalize homeless people forced to live outside in our doorways."

Hindman cited the case of a 23 year old man with mental health issues who has been sleeping outside in the Elmwood neighborhood. She has been trying to find him somewhere to go since Jan. 8, but has beentold there are no beds in the county. She said some people are nervous about going into shelters, sometimes for psychological reasons or because they are uncomfortable being in large social groups. The Berkeley based organizationHindmanheads, Youth Spirit Artworks, is anart jobs and job training program committed to empowering homeless youth.

The organizers of tonight event also said their action had been prompted by a recent violent assault on a homeless man by one of the Downtown BerkeleyAssociation's private "ambassadors."

The protest and vigil would have been organized earlier, Hindman said, except that many different faith groups were occupied with significant religious calendar events, including Easter, Passover and Buddha birthday on April 4.

In a prepared statement, Pastor Michael McBrideof the Christian Way Center,said:"Having just celebrated Easter, as Christians we are gathering to express God's love and deep compassion for all people including homeless people."

"The clear message of our faith is that those who do not care for the poor and oppressed are defiling God's name," wrote Rabbi Michael Lerner of Beyt Tikkunin the same release.

Zen teacherGerryOliva added: "In the Zen Buddhist Anavar Just Cardio tradition "Anadrol 50" our practice calls us to selflessness, to peaceful positive solutions, never hurtfulness or violence. We move toward practices of loving kindness. There are multiple creative proposals for approaching the challenge of homelessness in downtown Berkeley we would want the City to support."

And Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman, Director of the Western Region of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, said: "Forty percent of homeless youth are marginalized LGBTQI young people who have left their homes and otherwise been forced out on the street the very last thing our traditions call us to do is make life harder for them than it already is."

Itwasn long ago thatan interfaith group gathered in Berkeleyto make their views known about a differentsocial issue. InDecember 2014, several religiouscommunities joined forces to stage a peaceful civil disobedience protest in Berkeley in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. by Rev. McBride.

Case dismissed against 2 homeless men after review of Berkeley beating video (04.01.15)

Activists, homeless demand end to campaign of 'brutality'(03.30.15)

2 men take plea deals after 1 is beaten on video(03.27.15)Op ed: In Berkeley, how much tolerance is too much?(03.23.15)

Berkeley council votes to curb impacts of homelessness (03.18.15)

Berkeley to grapple again with homeless on sidewalks (03.16.15)

Berkeley communities "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" of faith join forces for civil disobedience Black Lives Matter protest (12.5.14)Do you "Oxandrolone Powder India" rely on Berkeleyside for your local news? You can support independent local journalism bybecoming a Berkeleyside member. You can choose either a monthly payment or a one time contribution.

I propose that these groups also consider opening up their facilities at regularly scheduled times for these folks if they do not already do so. They can provide and post fliers with hours and locations where they welcome those without a home in Berkeley who wish to sleep in Berkeley and hang Anavar 1 Hour Before Workout out in Berkeley with a place in Berkeley that they know they are truly welcome on a regular basis. I know many churches, and other religious buildings offer their space to community groups, so this would be an extension of that. This could put Berkeley on the map in terms of showing community support and solutions for this way of "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" living, instead of putting all of the responsibility on the local government which is already overwhelmed with a crumbling infrastructure, significant crime, and other needy residents of Berkeley.

When will people in Berkeley realize there is no will OR money to house people that drift through town in some of the most expensive housing in the Deca Durabolin Y Primoteston country? If you want the homeless housed, propose a tent cabin settlement in a place with a low cost of living. This place ain it. If you prioritize the ability of the (non working) homeless to have the freedom to sleep where they want over being housed where they may not prefer to live, we are at a stalemate. If you proposed housing 20 homeless in Berkeley with the remaining 180 sleeping in doorways, vs. housing 200 currently homeless denizens in a place with rents 1/10 as high, you would find that people are compassionate enough to provide housing, just not where it is so expensive.

Note that one of the organizers of this event is Bob Offer Westort, a San Francisco resident who has been valiantly fighting against public decency laws in Berkeley for several years.